Mar 15, 2009 - Launching Of Cosmopolitan Women's Club

The increasing awareness of the home as a vital link in the development chain in the campaign to empower has continued to receive the attention and the support of every well meaning people and organization in recent times.

In an emerging economy, such as ours, women are only perceived as home makers in spite of the obvious material contributions to the survival of many homes.

The idea of a social club has become part of our culture, as they have continued to serve as stabilizing factor in balancing our needs in a busy city like Lagos. Besides, they have become a rallying point and melting pot of useful ideas and initiatives that are continuing to impact positively on the development of the society.

I believe that the vision of the founders of the club was based on genuine concern to empower women and youths, especially the fallen ones. This idea of self reliance and financial independence is the passion that has propelled the formation of Cosmopolitan Women's Club.

By virtue of our loving needs and natural attention to motherhood, there is a nexus between the status of women and poverty in the society.

Therefore, empowering women is the equivalent of empowering the society. And this must include a conscious program of actions to empower the women, the youths and our young graduates.

I appreciate your objectives which support Government efforts, especially in Lagos State, to participate in the physical, environmental, educational and social development in the community so as to enhance and empower the women and alleviate poverty among women and youths.

It is common knowledge that, all over the world, Government alone cannot solve the mirage of challenges facing the whole society. Most advanced countries have succeeded because of the commitment and sacrifice for the course of national development by stake holding parties and corporate organizations, NGOs and people of good faith. The initiatives of the Cosmopolitan Women’s Club, therefore, is well appreciated.

Let me use this occasion to similarly appreciate other eligible ones, groups and NGOs, who have actively participated and supported Government presence and programmes started to enhance the socio-economic lives of our people.

Just two weeks ago, we were all over-whelmed by the initiatives of our sister, Funmi Iyanda, who through her Change-A-Life project has bettered the lives of young men and women that have received more effort from well meaning individuals in the various constituencies in the state, all in her effort to alleviate poverty, change lives and improve the socio-economic profiles of our poor people. The Lagos State Government has also been relentless in this effort.

Poverty alleviation and sustainable economic growth are our over riding policy thrusts and our various programs have been directed at achieving these. Our vocational efforts have employed thousands of youths. We have skill appreciation centers in almost all the Local Government Areas in the state where our citizens are trained in specific vocations and technical skills. Parts of these initiatives also include ordination of secondary school children and graduates of Government scheme.

Once again, I am happy to appreciate the Cosmopolitan Women’s Club and I congratulate you for today’s launch, particularly the President of the Club, Mrs. F. Fohunse, the Vice President, Mrs. Tinubu and other Executive members of the Club.

It is my pleasure this day to join other well wishers present here to launch the Cosmopolitan Women’s Club to the glory of God, prosperity of women, youths and all citizens of Lagos State.

Thank you for your attention.

God bless you.

Eko o ni baje!

Her Excellency
Mrs. Abimbola Fashola
First Lady of Lagos State